Materials Science and Technology of Polymers at the University of Twente

DPI Lecture Prize for Anika Embrechts

At the Dutch Polymer Days 2009 Anika Embrechts presented a lecture covering her research about In-situ single molecule studies of hydrogen-bonded supramolecular polymers by Atomic Force Microscopy. In her PhD project supramolecular polymers are studied using AFM based single molecule force spectroscopy in various solvents and solvent mixtures to investigate the bond strength and single molecule behavior. These measurements are able to reveal solvent effects on a molecular scale which cannot be detected by standard available ensemble averaged techniques like ITC, UV-VIS or NMR. Detailed knowledge of these single molecule systems can be used to provide a framework for molecular design of supramolecular systems in bottom up nanotechnology, like for instance molecular motors (catenanes). Besides that, this research can also contribute to the understanding of complex biological hydrogen bonded macromolecular systems.