Materials Science and Technology of Polymers


Dr. Mark Hempenius

Associate Professor

Room: C4239
Phone: +31 53 4892975
Fax:      +31 53 4893823

My research is focused on the synthesis of well-defined polymer architectures and polymers with tailored side or end functionalities. In many cases, living polymerization techniques are employed to control primary chain characteristics. Currently, we work on the synthesis and characterization of organometallic polymers, and we explore their application as self-assembling templates for the structuring of silicon. Thin films of organic-organometallic block copolymers, for instance, self-assemble to nanoperiodic patterns which are readily transferred into silicon and silicon nitride substrates. Other current work involves the synthesis of organometallic polyanions and polycations, which are self-assembled electrostatically to ultrathin redox active coatings. The projects are funded by the MESA+ Research Institute of the UT and the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (CW-NWO).